Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  • Caliendo, Marco, Cobb-Clark Deborah A., Hennecke, Juliane and Uhlendorff, Arne (2019) – Locus of Control and Internal Migration, Regional Science & Urban Economics. Volume 79. [Details & Download]
  • Preuss, Malte and Hennecke, Juliane (2018) – Biased by Success and Failure: How Unemployment Shapes Locus of Control. Labour Economics. Volume 53, pp. 63-74. [Details & Download]

Working Papers

  • Hennecke, Juliane (2020) – The Independent Woman – Locus of Control and Female Labor Force Participation. AUT Economics Working Paper Series 2020/03. [Details & Download]. Under revision.

Work in Progress

  • Do you really want to share everything? – The Well-Being of Work-Linked Couples (with Clemens Hetschko)
  • The hidden costs of crime – Crime victimization, mental health and the role of offender prosecution (with Anna Bindler, Nadine Ketel and Gail Pacheco)
  • The migrant-native gap in Locus of Control (with Marco Caliendo)
  • The Victim-Offender Overlap – Evidence from linked administrative data from New Zealand (with Gail Pacheco, Lisa Meehan and Christopher Erwin)
  • Workplace peer effects of paternal leave take-up (with Gail Pacheco and Astrid Pape)