I am a Postdoc at the Chair of Behavioral Social Policy at Otto von Guericke University (OvGU) Magdeburg in Germany as well as an Associate Researcher at the New Zealand Work Research Institute (NZWRI) and a Research Affiliate at IZA.

Before joining OvGU in October 2021, I was a Research Fellow at the NZWRI from October 2019 to September 2021. I received a PhD from Freie Universität Berlin in July 2019 and worked as a research assistant at University of Potsdam during my PhD.

RESEARCH I am an Applied Microeconomist and Behavioral Economist. My main research fields are Labor and Population Economics. I am currently working on multiple topics related to intrahousehold decision making and wellbeing, crime victimization, as well as the behavioral implications of personality traits.

PRIVATE In my second job, I am running a successful little „family firm“ together with my husband. We have 3 little employees in the age of 6 years, 4 years and newborn.


Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg

Chair of Behavioral Social Policy

mail: juliane.hennecke@ovgu.de