13 : 18 QuerformatDoctoral Candidate in Economics at Freie Universität Berlin and Berlin Doctoral Program of Economics and Management Science under supervision of Ronnie Schöb (FU Berlin) and Jule Specht (HU Berlin)

Research and teaching assistent at the Chair for Empirical Economics (Prof. Marco Caliendo), University of Potsdam.


I am an applied microeconomist with research interests in labor and population economics. My research aims at understanding the causes and consequences of human behavior using microeconometric methods guided by (behavioral-)economic as well as psychological theory. In my dissertation I put a special focus on economic psychology and personality psychology by analyzing the empirical relationship between personality traits and individual behavior on the labor market.

Please find my detailed reseach statement here.


I expect to complete my dissertation in early 2019 and will be available to the job-market in spring 2019. I will be available for job-interviews at EEA Job-Market 2018 in Naples and ASSA Annual Meeting 2019 in Atlanta.

  • Please find my detailed CV here.
  • Job-Market Paper coming soon.


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