13 : 18 QuerformatI am a PhD candidate in economics at Freie Universität Berlin and Berlin Doctoral Program of Economics and Management Science under supervision of Ronnie Schöb (FU Berlin, Economics) and Jule Specht (HU Berlin, Psychology) as well as research and teaching assistent at the University of Potsdam, Chair for Empirical Economics (Marco Caliendo).

RESEARCH I am an Applied Microeconomist and Behavioral Scientist. My main research topics are Labor and Population Economics. My dissertation focuses on the empirical relationship between personality traits and individual behavior on the labor market.

JOB-MARKET CANDIDATE I expect to complete my dissertation in spring 2019 and am on the job-market in 2018/2019. I will be available for job-interviews at EEA Job-Market 2018 in Naples and ASSA Annual Meeting 2019 in Atlanta.