Volunteer Engagement

Since many years, I am very involved with the German Red Cross (DRK) — starting during my adolescence in 2013 — in multiple voluntary positions and very closely bounded to this organization and its work.

Here a short list of all the positions I passed through in the last 15 years of my work for the Red Cross:

12/2016 –  07/2018 German Red Cross (DRK) state association Brandenburg (federal state), Associate Chairperson of the Expert Committee Voluntary Social Services

06/2015 –  07/2018 German Red Cross (DRK) district association Brandenburg an der Havel, vice-president

2014 —  07/2018 German Red Cross (DRK) district association Brandenburg an der Havel, Head of Voluntary Social Services and presidium member

2011 – 2016 German Red Cross (DRK) district association Brandenburg an der Havel, member in Medical Task Force

Summer 2014 Youth Red Cross (JRK) Brandenburg a.d.H., Head of a tent camp (2 weeks)

2012 – 2015 German Red Cross (DRK) Brandenburg an der Havel, presidium member

2010 – 2011 German Red Cross (DRK) Göttingen, troop-leader in medical unit of emergency services

2009 – 2010 New Zealand Red Cross Methven, helper in Red Cross shop

2007 – 2011 German Red Cross (DRK) Göttingen, member in medical unit of emergency services

2005 – 2007 German Red Cross (DRK) Nordhausen, member in rations unit of emergency services 

2003 – 2007 Youth Red Cross (JRK) Nordhausen (Germany), member of a school team and later also team leader and trainer of the team