German Red Cross


Apart from my academic work, I am very involved with the German Red Cross (DRK) — starting during my adolescence in 2013 — in multiple voluntary positions and very closely bounded to this organization and its work. Currently I am vice-president and head of the voluntary social services of the DRK district association Brandenburg an der Havel as well as associate chairperson of the expert committee voluntary social services of the DRK state association Brandenburg (federal state).

Here a short list of all the positions I passed through in the last 15 years of my work for the Red Cross:

12/2016 – present German Red Cross (DRK) state association Brandenburg (federal state), Associate Chairperson of the Expert Committee Voluntary Social Services

06/2015 – present German Red Cross (DRK) district association Brandenburg an der Havel, vice-president

2014 – present German Red Cross (DRK) district association Brandenburg an der Havel, Head of Voluntary Social Services and presidium member

2011 – 2016 German Red Cross (DRK) district association Brandenburg an der Havel, member in Medical Task Force

Summer 2014 Youth Red Cross (JRK) Brandenburg a.d.H., Head of a tent camp (2 weeks)

2012 – 2015 German Red Cross (DRK) Brandenburg an der Havel, presidium member

2010 – 2011 German Red Cross (DRK) Göttingen, troop-leader in medical unit of emergency services

2009 – 2010 New Zealand Red Cross Methven, helper in Red Cross shop

2007 – 2011 German Red Cross (DRK) Göttingen, member in medical unit of emergency services

2005 – 2007 German Red Cross (DRK) Nordhausen, member in rations unit of emergency services 

2003 – 2007 Youth Red Cross (JRK) Nordhausen (Germany), member of a school team and later also team leader and trainer of the team