Presentation at SABE/IAREP 2018 in London

I am happy to present my job-market paper “The Independent Women – Locus of Control and Female Labor Force Participation” on the Joint Conference of the International Association for Research in Economic Psychology (IAREP) and the Society for the Advancement of Behavioral Economics (SABE) in London in July 2018.

Please find a list of all upcoming presentations under Research/Presentations. I’ll update it constantly.


New Discussion Paper

My college Malte Preuss (FU Berlin) and I just published our new discussion paper with the title “Biased by success and failure: How unemployment shapes stated locus of control” in the discussion paper series of the FU Berlin (Free University Berlin, School of Business & Economics, No.2017/29) and in the SOEPpapers on Multidisciplinary Panel Data Research (No. 943-2017).

Abstract of the paper:

Due to its extraordinary explanatory power for individual behavior, the interest in the concept of locus of control (LOC) has increased substantially within applied economic research. But, even though LOC has been found to affect economic behavior in many ways, the reliability of these findings is at risk as they commonly rely on the assumption that LOC is stable over the life course. While absolute stability has been generally rejected, the extent to which LOC and thus personality changes is, nonetheless, strongly debated. We contribute to this discussion by analyzing the effect of unemployment on LOC. Based on German panel data, we apply a difference-in-difference approach by using an involuntary job loss as trigger for unemployment. Overall, we find a significant shift in stated LOC due to unemployment. Because the effect is observable during unemployment only and not heterogeneous with respect to individual characteristics or unemployment duration, we conclude that only the stated LOC is biased during unemployment but the underlying personality trait itself is not affected.


6th Lindau Meeting on Economic Sciences

It’s a great pleasure for me to start being a full-time researcher again after returning from maternity leave with participating in the 6th Lindau Meeting on Economic Sciences in the end of August 2017.

I additionally have the opportunity to present my joint work with Malte Preuss on “Biased by Success and Failure: How Unemployment Shapes Stated Locus of Control” in one of the seminars at the meeting.

I am looking forward to an inspiring time with all the outstanding young researchers and nobel laureates.